NexGen Lithium Batteries are Revolutionizing the Golf Cart Industry!

Battery Boys is the Authorized Dealer for NexGen Batteries offering:

  • Advanced Lithium Technology
  • Travel Further
  • Maintenance Free
  • Recharge 70% Faster
  • Safe. Green. Efficient.
  • High Consistent Voltage for Greater Torque

NexGen Lithium Ion Batteries are Plug and Play. Simply take out your old batteries and put in our drop in replacement NexGen Batteries, turn on the key, and your ready to go. Our batteries can extend the range of your golf cart, last over 10 years or UP TO 5000 cycles, are 70% lighter, and are completely maintenance free. Give our products a try today and experience the benefits of a longer range, an incredibly shortened re-charge time, and a more responsive reaction when putting that pedal to the metal.

NexGen Lithium Batteries are a significant upgrade from traditional batteries such as Lead Acid or AGM. Our batteries are Plug & Go for any application currently using a traditional battery. Our lithium batteries can be connected in series and parallel and have a built in Battery Management System (BMS) that maximizes the performance of the battery by automatically balancing the cells and protecting them from being over charged or over dis-charged.

NexGen Lithium Ion Batteries are the future of sustainable energy! Weighing up to 75% less than the standard lead acid battery, Lithium Batteries can significantly reduce the weight of your vehicle thus improving performance. Built to last, Lithium Ion Batteries have a life span of up to 10 times longer than traditional lead batteries. Battery life is measured in cycles and a NexGen Lithium battery will perform like a champ for over 5,000 cycles at 100% DOD compared to lead acid battery which will cycle 500 times at 80% DOD. So that is 10 lead batteries you would have to buy to last the duration of a NexGen Lithium Ion Battery thus making lithium the cheapest option over time. Another cost factor to consider is the time it takes to charge a lead acid battery. NexGen Lithium Batteries can be fast charged to 100% unlike a lead battery. The final 20% of a lead battery cannot be fast charged like the first 80% and what often happens is a lead battery is pulled off the charger before the full charge occurs which prematurely ages the battery leading to an even shorter life span. NexGen Lithium batteries charge lightning fast and some will charge in as little as 30 minutes, talk about saving money! If for some reason you don't have the time to charge the battery to full 100% you will not damage it or jeopardize the life span and the battery will still produce consistently.

View more details and compare pricing on our batteries page.

As of November 2012, we now carry a new line of Battery Boys Signature Series Batteries made by Crown Battery Company of Fremont, Ohio.  Crown has been in business since 1926 and is a major US manufacturer of industrial electric-powered lift trucks and batteries.

Crown batteries for Battery Boys are produced on a special golf cart battery manufacturing line using robotic welding which provides precise, top quality temperature control and accuracy in our Battery Boy batteries.  We offer Crown batteries in 6-volt, 8-volt, or 12-volts, and, they are covered under our 18-month non-prorated warranty.

So you can now choose from either Trojan or Battery Boys Signature Series/Crown batteries for your golf carts.

For those needing high-end AGM specialty batteries for marine, hot rods, or street rods, we have also added the Odyssey battery line.

If you have a GEM car we now have a much higher capacity 12-volt battery from NorthStar.  It is a heavier 12-volt AGM battery using 99.9% pure virgin lead, carries a 4-year warranty, and it provides even further distance.  We are selling this battery while supply lasts for the same price as the lower capacity gel cell which only had a 1 year warranty.  A fantastic deal for your GEM!

We now also offer the best prices in town for AA, AAA, C, D and 9V Duracell Batteries.  We have them all in stock and we beat all the competition in pricing, including any discount stores. 

Imagine a flashlight having 350 yards of brilliant white light.  We now offer the Outback brand of professional flashlights.  Outback's are strong and durable enough for even law enforcement officers.  We have our Outback Flashlight Big Stick Flashlight inscribed with “SHERIFF” for our local deputies and can have any model inscribed with your lettering.  See the “Products and Services” section of our website for photos.

Finally, we know that consumers want to shop for the best pricing, and Battery Boy’s has very competitive pricing.  We also know that you are looking for your batteries from a reputable company, and Battery Boy’s has a stellar reputation in The Villages. 

While we are always willing to talk with you about your golf cart needs, we also want doing business with Battery Boy’s convenient.  So, we will be updating our website in the “Customer Comments” section where we have posted many comments from letters that Battery Boys receives direct from our customers, and, the many good comments that our customers post on The Villages website forum “Talk-Of-The-Villages”. 

We will also be posting our battery prices in the “Products and Services” section under “Batteries”. 

After viewing our pricing and our references, you can call in with any final questions, and schedule an appointment.

We welcome you anytime to our retail store where we stock all the components shown on our website.